Center for Retail Transformation

Retail is transforming. We’re here to help with the transition.

The Center for Retail Transformation is the go-to partner for startup, small-to-medium sized retailers, and other members of the retail ecosystem to navigate the transformation of retail. 

The retail sector is the nation’s largest private sector employer, supporting over 52 million jobs. In 2020, total retail sales in the U.S. surpassed 5.6 trillion dollars, representing sales from over one million retail establishments. The Center for Retail Transformation believes that rapidly changing customer needs, technology and data revolution, a desire to rethink supply chains and firm operations, and a need to upskill and reskill workers is causing transformation in the retail sector. While these forces driving transformation in retail affect all retailers, small and medium sized retail (i.e., Tier 2 and Tier 3 retail)representing over 90 percent of all retailfaces a greater challenge in adapting to this changing environment. In light of this, the mission of the Center for Retail Transformation is to be the leading academic institution driving transformation in retail. The Center will achieve this goal by: 

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The Center's success depends on members of the retail ecosystem participating in center activities. Contact us if you are interested in participating in any of our events.

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The Center hosts various research, educational, and thought leadership events that are opportunities for retailers and members of the retail ecosystem. Your sponsorship allows the center to continue to grow and address critical problems in retail.

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