Corporate executives listen to analysts—and do the opposite

Analysts and top executives are usually not on the same page –or even reading the same book.

How large is the U.S. “green economy”?

Mason professor Kelly Wentland is the sole academic working with the U.S. government in an unprecedented effort to measure environmental-economic activity.

Is ‘the sharing economy’ a misnomer?

In China, auto sales rose sharply when Uber came to town. That should make you re-examine received wisdom about the sharing economy.

“Keep it simple stupid”? Not if you’re asking for help

How can you convince someone to give you their time or money free of charge? Focus on the head, not the heart.

Don’t be afraid to ask ‘sensitive’ questions

Our fears of asking questions that feel too sensitive or personal are often overblown. When phrased in the right way, they can lead to better decisions and stronger relationships.

Research Highlights

George Mason University's School of Business is an acknowledged center for global business research.

Faculty take a multidisciplinary approach, with the goal of ensuring that business can be a force for the greater good.

Faculty publish in leading business journals on wide-ranging global business issues, are cited by the press, and are actively engaged in making discoveries to address a wide set of societal and institutional challenges.


Impactful Scholarship

Three pillars define the real-world impact of Mason Business thought leadership:

Ensuring Global Futures

Safeguarding our planet and societies from the crises identified in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recent highlights include:

Digital Transformation of Work

Preparing global organizations and professionals for the massive technological changes that are reshaping business. 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Fostering the creative problem-solving skills needed for success in an increasingly unpredictable world. 


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Together, the top ten most-cited School of Business scholars have more than 55,000 research citations.
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The School of Business' spot in the UT-Dallas North American Business School Research Rankings.
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17 School of Business professors currently hold editorial positions at academic journals.
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In 2022-2023, School of Business faculty published 20 papers in premier journals.

School of Business Faculty Research

Faculty Teaching, Research, and Engagement Awards