Management Concentration

Understand today’s key human resource issues and lead tomorrow’s work environment. 

Looking to start your own business? Interested in a career in human resources? Want to consult? Mason's management concentration prepares you for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors. 

Why Choose George Mason University?

Mason's management concentration

Mason’s management concentration offers a variety of management courses so you can tailor your degree to a specific management career path like human resource management, entrepreneurship, or management consulting. 

Management business concentration

Organizations need managers who can lead people, think strategically, and create successful organizational environments. The management concentration teaches you how to motivate employees, encourage teamwork, identify competitive advantages, build and change organizations, negotiate effectively, think strategically, start a new business, manage people and organizations, and succeed in diverse and multicultural work environments. Learn more about the management curriculum in the University Catalog

Management faculty mentors can provide additional information on business management careers. To learn more about the faculty mentor program, contact

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Careers in Management

Careers a management concentration can help you launch include: 

  • Administrative Services Manager  
  • Arbitrator/Mediator  
  • Benefits and Compensation Specialist  
  • Contract Administrator  
  • Employer Relations Specialist  
  • Entrepreneur  
  • Frontline Supervisor   
  • Human Resource Specialist  
  • Labor Relations Specialist  
  • Management/Business Analyst  
  • Management Consultant  
  • Project Manager  
  • Recruiter  
  • Sales Manager  
  • Training Specialist 

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Gain real-world experience and make valuable connections while pursuing your undergraduate degree. 

Honors Program

The Costello College of Business Honors Program is a great opportunity for high-achieving students to distinguish themselves academically, gain valuable professional experience, and enhance their resume with unique events led by industry professionals. Learn more about the Costello College of Business Honors Program