Finance Concentration

High demand and diverse career opportunities await graduates with a concentration in finance. 

Mason’s finance concentration prepares you for an exciting career in a variety of fields: corporate and public finance, investment banking, commercial banking, mutual funds, portfolio management, venture capital, trading, personal finance banking, and regulatory. 

Why Choose George Mason University? 

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The volatility of today’s financial markets continues to warrant the need for highly qualified individuals in the finance field. In the finance concentration, you'll explore concepts and techniques used by individuals, businesses, and government agencies in making decisions about acquiring and investing funds.

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Learn about asset valuation, initial public offerings, stock portfolio management, analyzing financial statements risk analysis and management, dividend policy, financial market regulation, international diversification, capital budgeting and financial regulations. Learn more about the finance curriculum in the University Catalog

Finance faculty mentors can provide additional information on the finance concentration and potential careers. To learn more about the faculty mentor program, contact

George Mason University participates in the CFA Institute University Affiliation program and is allocated a certain number of scholarships each year for students in the finance concentration. Scholarship recipients will have their CFA Program enrollment fee waived and exam registration discounted, which substantially lowers the cost of taking a CFA exam. Interested students should apply directly with the CFA for scholarship consideration.


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What You'll Learn

  • Finance students will be able to demonstrate, evaluate, and explain the risk-return trade-offs in finance 
  • Conduct and effectively present financial analysis and research valuing complex projects, assets, securities, and firms 
  • Understand the relationships among investors, firms, financial institutions, financial markets, and regulators. 

Careers in Finance

Finance professionals enjoy a diverse job market, with career options in corporate and public finance, investment banking, commercial banks and credit unions, mutual funds, portfolio management, venture capital, trading, personal finance banking, and federal and state government regulatory agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, SEC, and Treasury Department. Careers that a concentration in finance can lead to include: 

  • Account Analyst 
  • Bank Examiner 
  • Broker/Dealer 
  • Budget Analyst 
  • Business Consultant 
  • Commercial Lender 
  • Comptroller 
  • Credit Analyst 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Financial Examiner 
  • Financial Manager 
  • Financial Planner 
  • Insurance Adjuster 
  • International Advisor 
  • Mortgage Broker 
  • Personal Financial Advisor 
  • Portfolio Manager 
  • Purchasing Agent 
  • Risk Manager 
  • Stock Trader 

Finance Job Title and Average Salaries

From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Commercial Banking—$92,983 
  • Investment Banking—$96,543 
  • Financial Planner—$61,830 
  • Insurance Agent—$37,667 
  • Public Accounting—$63,907 
  • Hedge Funds Manager—$70,000 
  • Venture Capitalist—$92,406 
  • Real Estate Agent—$59,180 
  • Chief Financial Officer—$128,468 


Enhance Your Degree

Gain real-world experience while pursuing your undergraduate degree.

GMU Montano Student Managed Investment Fund

Finance students can be part of the Montano Student Managed Investment Fund by taking FNAN 477. This class teaches hands-on portfolio construction through the management of one-quarter of a million dollars in an all equity portfolio. The title of your final thesis will go on their graduating transcript, which is a phenomenal item to have on your resume. 

Student Research Projects

Mason finance students can participate in student led research alongside finance professors. Past research has been published by the Wall Street Journal, CFA Institute, MarketWatch, and ETF Trends among other journals. See the full list of past student led research projects here

Professional Organizations and Subscriptions

Students in the finance concentration have access to these resources:

Activate your Barron's account

Network with Washington Association of Money Managers members
CFA Institute

CFA Institute 


Honors Program

The Costello College of Business Honors Program is a great opportunity for high-achieving students to distinguish themselves academically, gain valuable professional experience, and enhance their resume with unique events led by industry professionals. Learn more about the Costello College of Business Honors Program