Management Information Systems Minor

Information technology permeates every aspect of a business. 

A solid foundation in technology and information systems makes you more marketable and attractive to employers in today’s increasingly digital economy. 

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Regardless of your chosen field, knowledge of information systems drives intelligent, innovative, and efficient solutions. The Management Information Systems (MIS) minor a focused set of courses to provide you with foundational knowledge and skills in management information systems. A minor in MIS gives you complementary knowledge of how information systems are designed, developed, and leveraged in businesses in addition to robust technology skills that are applicable across industries. 

Eligibility and Requirements 

How to Declare a Minor 

1. Download the Undergraduate Declaration of Minor Form

Download the Undergraduate Declaration of Minor form from the Office of the Registrar.

2. Meet with an Academic Advisor

Schedule a meeting with one of our academic advisors to review requirements and prerequisites. Bring your minor declaration form to the meeting to obtain the required advisor signature

3. Submit Your Completed Form to the Office of the Registrar

See this guide to ensure the correct routing and facilitate faster processing.


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