Marketing Concentration

Marketing is fundamental to the success of all businesses. 

Mason's marketing concentration teaches you how to know, understand the needs of, and deliver value to customers.  

Why Choose George Mason University? 

A Mason Marketing Student

Mason's marketing concentration offers a variety of marketing courses so you can tailor the program to your interests. Areas of focus include marketing analytics, marketing communications, business and federal government marketing, sales management, nonprofit marketing, new product development, and brand management.  

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Mason marketing students learn how to develop new products, build a brand, set prices, create marketing communications and promotions, manage customer relationships, and analyze consumer behavior and market trends. Learn more about the marketing curriculum in the University Catalog

Marketing faculty members can provide additional information on marketing careers. To learn more about the faculty mentor program, contact

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What You'll Learn

  • Produce an acceptable marketing plan 
  • Demonstrate understanding of the social, global, ethical, and legal contexts of business and be able to reflect on the role of the individual in business 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to apply knowledge of professional skills necessary in business, including effective business writing 
  • Demonstrate technical and analytic skills appropriate for success in business 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to apply knowledge of core business disciplines 
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills appropriate for specialization in the concentration 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how research in business disciplines contributes to knowledge and how such research is conducted 

Skills You'll Develop

  • Critical thinking 
  • Public speaking 
  • Creativity 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Leadership 
  • Market/trend analysis 
  • Persuasion 
  • Social perceptiveness 
  • Program coordination 
  • Teamwork 

Careers in Marketing

Careers that a marketing concentration can help you launch include : 

  • Advertising Account Manager  
  • Brand Manager  
  • Business Development Manager  
  • Consumer Insights Analyst  
  • Content Manager  
  • Customer Relationship Manager/ Customer Engagement Manager  
  • Digital Media Specialist  
  • Global Account Manager/ International Marketer  
  • Marketing Communications Specialist  
  • Marketing Consultant  
  • Market Research Analyst  
  • Media Planner  
  • Product Marketing Specialist  
  • Public Relations Specialist  
  • Retail Buyer  
  • Sales Representative  
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist   
  • Social Media Manager 

Enhance Your Degree

Gain real-world experience while pursuing your undergraduate degree. 

Student Organizations

Get involved with marketing or business student organizations like the American Marketing Association and Delta Sigma Pi. Learn more about Costello College of Business student organizations.  

Honors Program

The Costello College of Business Honors Program is a great opportunity for high-achieving students to distinguish themselves academically, gain valuable professional experience, and enhance their resume with unique events led by industry professionals. Learn more about the Costello College of Business Honors Program