Impact Fellows Program

Empowering Leaders, Driving Change.

Based on the core belief that business should be a force for good in the world, the Impact Fellows program provides an opportunity to deepen your classroom experience, build a community of students and mentors who share your interests, and explore issues of sustainable business and the global challenges of our time.

The Impact Fellows Program gives you the opportunity to expand your networks and build the skills needed to thrive as a well-rounded leader in today’s complex world. Through a comprehensive two-year program, you will learn about the UN Global Goals as a framework for the biggest challenges facing society and learn about how business can thrive while creating economic, social, and environmental value. The connections you make during this program will enable you to expand your interests, kickstart your career, and realize your full potential. Participating in the program will open doors throughout your time at Mason and beyond. 

As an Impact Fellow, you will:

  • Receive guidance and support from a variety of personalized mentors, including professionals, faculty, and peers.
  • Participate in a shared learning and community-building experience as a member of the Fellows cohort, navigating Mason alongside peers with similar passions.
  • Gain hands-on experience in tackling global issues through a wide range of co-curriculars.
  • Engage in action-oriented partnerships with local organizations and communities.
  • Investigate and address a social issue you're passionate about.


Program Requirements

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Impact Fellows students must participate in a minimum of 6 co-curricular activities throughout the 2-year program. The Impact Fellows would be able to choose from a wide selection of activities that best fit their interests. A few examples of our co-curricular activities are:  

    • Community Services Projects
    • Social Impact Research Projects
    • Off-Campus Trips  
    • Guest Speakers
    • Career-focused Workshops


  • Impact Fellows students would go on a 5-day domestic trip design to give students a hands-on experience while connecting with local organizations and communities during their first spring break in the program. The residency trip will be fully paid for by the Impact Fellows Program.
  • Students can opt out of the residency requirement by completing a qualifying internship.

Globally Responsible Business Practices Minor

Mentorship and Leadership

  • As an Impact Fellow, students will receive a professional mentor, a faculty mentor, and a peer mentor. This mentor network will support and guide Fellows throughout the program, helping them to discover their passions and how best to pursue them. Personalized mentorship is a valuable resource as they navigate college and their future career path and is at the heart of the Impact Fellows program. 

Become an Impact Fellow Today!

The application to join the Spring 2025 Impact Fellows cohort is now open!. Start your application by clicking the link below. Admission decisions will be notified to students via email. For any questions, please contact us at

Impact Fellows Program Application - Click Here!

Why Impact Fellows?

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A Unique Educational Experience
Set yourself apart from your peers through our innovative curriculum focused on the intersection of social impact and business that will meet course requirements and prepare you to address the challenges of our time.
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A Sense of Community
Our cohort-based approach to learning ensures you will build deep, collaborative relationships with peers who share similar passions, while developing leadership and changemaking skills.
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An Opportunity for Impact
You can choose to address your passions and apply classroom lessons to the real-world by engaging in action-oriented partnerships with local organizations and communities.
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An Emphasis on Career Readiness
With personalized guidance from professional and faculty mentors and the hands-on experience that comes from co-curricular activities, you will graduate prepared for what’s next.

Student Testimonials

Get Involved through Be the Change

Be the Change is a collaborative hub for innovative minds and passionate changemakers with a drive to make a positive community impact. Started by a group of Impact Fellows, Be the Change is open to all majors. Guided by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the organization executes innovative, community-facing projects each year.

Be the Change is growing its network on campus through numerous collaborative projects, aiming to increase the sustainability focus on Mason's campus through events like workshops, speaker series, challenges, trips, and more. Members of Be the Change have the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, volunteering, networking, and sustainability in action.