Business Analytics Concentration

Data is imperative to doing business. 

Learn to explore and model data to deliver value to customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders with a concentration in business analytics. 

In our data-driven world, the ability to gather, manage, and interpret data to deliver business insights is vital to organizational success. Mason's business analytics concentration provides you with expertise that cuts across all business disciplines.

Why Choose George Mason University? 

Whiteboarding Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics concentration is designed to meet the market demand for graduates who understand and can deploy an array of methodologies and techniques to collect, organize, report, and mine data to extract useful and actionable insights for decision makers. 

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As a Mason business analytics concentration student, you will learn about data management and governance; how to deploy data-mining techniques; econometrics and statistical techniques; enterprise systems and applications; data visualization; and market research analysis.  

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What You'll Learn

  • Identify business questions that can be answered by data 
  • Identify appropriate data to answer those questions 
  • Evaluate the quality of the data 
  • Analyze data, form meaningful conclusions, and communicate those conclusions to relevant parties 

Careers in Business Analytics

The business analytics concentration prepares you for a variety of career options that intersect the management of data, strategy, people, processes, solutions, and technology, including:  

  • Accounting Data Analyst 
  • Business Analytics Specialist 
  • Business Management Analyst/Consultant 
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Clinical Data Managers 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Mining Associate 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Data Warehousing Specialist 
  • Digital Analyst 
  • Financial Quantitative Analyst 
  • Fraud Examiner/Analyst/Investigator 
  • Marketing Data Analyst 
  • Marketing Research Assistant/Analyst 
  • Social Media Analyst 
  • Statistical Research Assistant 
  • Systems Analyst 

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Honors Program

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