Global Learning and Study Abroad

The Costello College of Business provides a range of opportunities to interact with and learn from the global community.  

Mason students at Mason Korea
Students at George Mason University Korea

From study abroad programs to internationally focused courses to our Mason campus in Songdo, South Korea, the Costello College of Business encourages all its students to approach their learning with a global mindset. 

Business is a truly global enterprise that spans across borders and connects global citizens to each other. 

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Mason Korea


Students at Mason Korea
Students at Mason Korea

George Mason University Korea - a direct result of George Mason University’s commitment to Diversity and Innovationis a global campus that provides a world-class education to students from all corners of the world. Located 25 miles from Seoul in the Songdo International Business District, Mason Korea offers Mason students direct access to international study opportunities. The Costello College of Business offers courses from our management, accounting, finance, and business foundations concentrations on the Korea campus.  

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Study Abroad

In order to provide exchange programs for all of our concentrations, the Costello College of Business has identified numerous international opportunities at accredited institutions abroad for Costello College of Business students to study abroad.  

Study Abroad Tours

Popular Study Abroad Programs for Business Majors

  • Burgundy School of Business, France 
  • KEDGE Business School, France  
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain 
  • Griffith University, Brisbane Campus, Australia
  • EM Strasbourg, France
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  • Insper, Sao Paulo Brazil
  • Mason Korea

To learn more about all of Mason’s study abroad opportunities, visit Mason’s Study Abroad Office

Scholarships are available for students who are interested in studying abroad, including: 

How to Study Abroad 

If you're interested in studying abroad, you’ll work with both the George Mason University Global Education Office and your Costello College of Business academic advisor to develop your plan. 

  1. Meet with your advisor to see if you are a good candidate for studying abroad 

    • Review courses to take abroad: Previously approved courses can be found through this online database. Students in semester-long programs must maintain a minimum of 12 credits while studying abroad. Students are allowed to take one course online at Mason while abroad.  
  2. Decide where you want to go! Meet with the Global Education Office in the Johnson Center (RM 235) to identify a program and discuss available resources.  
  3. If the course you are interested in taking is not in the database, you must get the course approved before taking it. Note the Oxford semester, year-long programs, and summer/winter/spring break faculty-led programs are not in the database. To get your course approved: 
    • Submit a course description, syllabus, and the requested Mason equivalent course by following these steps

      • ALL requests must include a course description AND syllabus 
      • Find the status of your request in the student portal
      • Upper-level concentration and major courses must be transferred from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited institution
  4. Once your courses are approved you must complete the student study plan. Academic Advisors will preview your plan and provide feedback. 

Note: In order to meet residency requirements, students completing a business major may take no more than 3 concentration courses (9 credits) elsewhere & students completing a business minor may take no more than 2 minor courses (6 credits) elsewhere.

Global Courses and Minor in International Business

The Costello College of Business provides curriculum options dedicated to an international perspective as part of our commitment to global learning. While globalization is already the norm in today’s business atmosphere, these courses are specifically designed through a global lens: 

The Costello College of Business also offers a Minor in International Business that provides a more formalized and focused study of business on the global scale. By combining some of the above listed courses with courses from other disciplines and a required co-curricular global experience, the international business minor is a great option for students looking to further develop their global acumen.  

Global Engagement Scholars Program

The Global Engagement Scholars Program is designed to engage students in discussions related to diversity and inclusion as it relates to business in a global setting. The series includes workshops on topics such as cultural intelligence and cultural values, unconscious bias, and recognizing these important factors in the interview process and workplace. This semester-long program is designed to help students understand their values, biases, and how to engage in a globally diverse environment. There are seven mandatory sessions each accepted student must attend (the Foundation and Core). Applications open in November. 

Learn more about he Global Engagement Scholars Program here


Study Abroad Spotlight

Jasmine Holmes, BS in Business, Management Concentration
Studied at Mason Korea, Songdo, South Korea

"Studying abroad in Korea was a life changing experience. I met amazing people and built strong friendships on my journey. We traveled all over Korea visiting places like Busan and every weekend was a new adventure in a new city. There’s something about exploring a new world that brings people closer together in unimaginable ways. Before I left, I was already planning on traveling back and made plans for when the Mason Korea students come to Fairfax. The classes I took were taught by knowledgeable professors and I was surrounded by hard working students. The atmosphere at Mason Korea encouraged students to study hard, but also have fun. The staff at Mason Korea were also very kind and encouraging towards the foreign students. They helped me sort the documents I needed for my visa and made the whole process a lot easier. I definitely recommend traveling to Mason Korea for students who want to broaden their horizons and experience a foreign country at an affordable price”

Jasmine Holmes

"Studying abroad in Korea was a life changing experience. I met amazing people and built strong friendships on my journey." - Jasmine Holmes