Management Information Systems Concentration

Prepare for a career at the intersection of people, process, and technology. 

Mason's management information systems concentration is designed to meet the market demand for graduates who can design and manage technology-driven business solutions. 

Why Choose George Mason University? 

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Are you tech savvy? Are you interested in developing information technology-based solutions to improve business performance? If the answer is yes, then the management information systems concentration is for you. 

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Through the management information systems concentration, you’ll learn to leverage information systems; improve business models and processes; oversee supply chain operations; manage database systems, networks, and websites; make appropriate corporate investments into business technologies; and manage complex technology projects. Learn more about the management information systems curriculum in the University Catalog

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What You'll Learn

  • Apply knowledge of information technology and business functions to understand its application in assessing, designing, and improving business processes. 
  • Become aware of the uses of technology in business. 
  • Communicate effectively. 
  • Increase your knowledge about the legal environment of business. 
  • Learn how to be a critical thinker. 

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Analytical abilities ­ 
  • Oral communication ­ 
  • System evaluation ­ 
  • Computer programming 
  • Problem solving 
  • System design and implementation ­ 
  • Project planning ­ 
  • Business process analysis 

Careers in Management Information Systems

The management information systems concentration prepares you for a variety of career opportunities that intersect the management of people, processes, and technology, including: 

  • Business Analytics Specialist ­ 
  • Business Management Analyst/Consultant ­ 
  • Business Technology Associate ­ 
  • Cloud Computing Specialist ­ 
  • Computer Programmer ­ 
  • Computer Security Analyst ­ 
  • Data Scientist ­ 
  • Database Administrator ­ 
  • Database Designer and Developer ­ 
  • Information Systems Manager ­ 
  • Information Technology Project Manager ­ 
  • Network Analyst ­ 
  • Systems Analyst 

Enhance Your Degree

Gain real-world experience while pursuing your undergraduate degree.

Student Organizations

Make lifelong connections by joining the Mason Information Systems and Operations Management Association, Collegiate DECA, or Delta Sigma Pi. Learn more about Costello College of Business student organizations.  

Honors Program

The Costello College of Business Honors Program is a great opportunity for high-achieving students to distinguish themselves academically, gain valuable professional experience, and enhance their resume with unique events led by industry professionals. Learn more about the Costello College of Business Honors Program