Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Programs

Fast-track Your Master’s Degree

George Mason University’s School of Business offers several Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) programs for highly-qualified Mason undergraduates. 

Are you an academically strong student currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at George Mason University? If so, you may be eligible to take up to 12 credits that will apply to both your current undergraduate degree and a future graduate degree through a Bachelors/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) program. 

There are several advantages to pursuing a BAM program with Mason’s School of Business: 

  • You can earn both a bachelor’s and master's degree in an accelerated timeframe by taking several graduate courses while still an undergraduate student. 
  • You can take graduate courses while still an undergraduate at undergraduate tuition rates, resulting in significant cost savings.  
  • You'll get earlier access to advising and career coaching. 

Explore Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Programs at the School of Business

Master's in Management

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The Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Program – Master’s in Management (BAM-MSM) is designed for non-business majors at Mason who seek a foundation in business management.  

As a BAM- MSM student, you’ll have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student and apply those courses to your master’s in management degree. 

When you take up to 12 graduate credits as an undergraduate, you’ll have more flexibility within the master’s in management program (36 credits). This lighter course load will allow you more time to focus on you master’s in management courses, graduate career workshops and events, and additional time for your internship. 

To be eligible, you must:  

  • Be a non-business, Mason undergraduate 
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA 
  • Have earned at least 60 semester hours (students may not enroll in graduate courses until they have earned 75 semester hours) 

Application requirements for the BAM-MSM program:  

  • Online application 
  • Academic transcript 
  • Goals statement 
  • Resume 
  • Interview with the program director 

Waived application requirements: 

  • Professional Letter of Recommendation 
  • GMAT/GRE Test Score 
  • Application Fee 

The following courses have been approved for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s in Management program (Grades of B or better):

Master's in Accounting

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The School of Business offers bachelor's/accelerated master’s (BAM) programs to academically strong undergraduates pursuing a bachelor of science in business with a concentration in accounting. Participation in this program allows you to take graduate courses while an undergraduate and decreases the number of credits required during graduate status. Advantages of the BAM-MSA include: 

  • Graduate courses taken during your senior year are charged at the undergraduate tuition rate, so you save both time and money on your education.  
  • Up to 12 credits can count toward your master’s and your bachelor’s (advanced standing). 
  • Up to 6 additional credits can be taken as reserve credit (only count towards the master’s). 
  • Build time into your schedule to complete an internship and improve your employment options. 
  • You can complete the master’s program in 11 months following your bachelor’s degree as a part-time or full-time student, online or in-person. 
  • Preference for scholarships and graduate teaching assistantships 

To be eligible, you must:  

  • Be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in accounting.   
  • Complete ACCT 303 with a grade of C or better prior to (or concurrent with) application (Prior to academic year 2020-2 , ACCT 303 was numbered ACCT 330. These courses are equivalent.)   
  • Have earned at least 60 credits with a GPA of 3.0 or above (students may not enroll in graduate courses until they have earned 75 semester hours)   

Application requirements for the BAM-MSA program:  

Waived application requirements: 

  • Two Professional Letters of Recommendation 
  • Goals Statement  
  • GMAT/GRE Test Score 
  • Application Fee 

The following courses have been approved for the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s in Accounting program: 

Advanced Standing courses (up to 12 credits; grade of B or better required): 

  • ACCT 611: Advanced Managerial Accounting (prerequisite ACCT 311) 
  • ACCT 630: Advanced Financial Accounting (prerequisite ACCT 332) 
  • ACCT 670: International Accounting (prerequisite ACCT 303*) 

Reserve Credit courses (up to 6 credits): 

  • ACCT 621: GovCon Acquisition Regulations & Reporting 
  • ACCT 636: Fraud Examination (prerequisite ACCT 303*) 
  • ACCT 665: Advanced Accounting Analytics (Prerequisite ACCT 361) 
  • ACCT 671: Managing Data Quality and Integrity (prerequisite ACCT 361) 
  • ACCT 672: Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (prerequisite ACCT 331) 

Other courses may be approved for advanced standing with departmental permission. 

For more detailed information on coursework and timeline requirements, see AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degree policies in the GMU Catalog. 

Master's in Finance

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Highly-qualified undergraduates admitted to the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's in Finance (BAM-MSF) program can obtain a BS/BA in a chosen major and a Master’s in Finance in an accelerated timeframe after satisfactory completion of a minimum of 141 credits. 

To be eligible to apply, you must:  

  • Have earned at least 60 semester hours with a GPA of 3.25 or above
  • Must complete FNAN 303 with a grade of B or better prior to (or concurrent with) application.

Note: Students may not enroll in graduate courses until they have also earned 75 semester hours and B’s or better in three courses from the following list: FNAN 311, FNAN 321, FNAN 341, FNAN 401, FNAN 430, and FNAN 441.

Application requirements for the BAM pathway: 

Waived application requirements: 

  • Goals Statement 
  • Two Professional Letters of Recommendation 
  • Application Fee   
  • GMAT/GRE Test Scores 

The following list of MS Finance 600-level courses (up to 4 courses, or 12 credits) can be taken by BAM-MSF students. Please note that due to pre-requisites, students must start MSF 600-level courses during the fall term.

BAM-MSF students can choose whether the courses are designated Advanced Standing (up to 12 credits; grade of B or better required) and will count for both the undergraduate and graduate degree, or are designated

Reserve Credit courses (up to 6 credits) and will only count for the graduate degree program:

  • MSF 603 Managerial Economics and Decisions of the Firm 
  • MSF 632 Statistical and Quantitative Methods for Finance 
  • MSF 643 Financial Economics and Statement Analysis 
  • MSF 672 Corporate Finance and Governance 
  • MSF 683 Ethical and Professional Standards in Finance 

How To Apply, Notification, and Transitioning to Master’s Program 


  • You may apply to the program once you have earned between 60 -100 credit hours in your relevant undergraduate program.

    • Though you can apply to BAM with only 60 credits, you must complete at least 75 undergraduate credits before taking advanced standing graduate courses. Advanced standing courses double count towards your undergraduate and Master’s program. 
  • Apply at least one full semester prior to the semester in which you intend to graduate. This ensures that you will have at least two semesters to take the necessary courses for transitioning. 
  • Materials you will need to apply: 
    • Mason transcript from Patriot Web 
    • The name and GMU email address of your BAM advisor with your application. 

How to Apply

  1. Go to the online application portal 
  2. Sign up for an account 
  3. Once set up, click the “Start A New Application” button 
  4. Then select the “Start Application” button under the “School of Business Graduate Application" section.  
  5. A set of questions will appear:  
    1. What level are you applying?  Select “4 – Accelerated Masters (for Mason Undergraduate Students Only)” 
    2. What campus are you applying for? Select the modality of your preferred program 
    3. What degree-seeking program are you applying for? Select your program of choice. 
    4. Term: Select the term you will start your graduate degree. This should be the term after your undergraduate degree is awarded. 
  6. Once you answer all the appropriate fields, the bachelor's accelerated master's form will appear. Complete the form, click "Review Your Application", and then click "Submit Your Application". 


If your Accelerated Master's application is approved, you will receive an automated email from notifying you to check your Application Portal. Your decision will be available to you on your Application Portal. 

Approved students can register for graduate courses via Mason's Patriot Web system when they have reached at least 75 credits. 

Approval for the Accelerated Master's program only guarantees admission to a degree program at a later date if you maintain the required GPA outlined in the University Catalog, and follow all of the policy requirements outlined in the “Transitioning to a Master’s Program” section below. 

Transitioning to Master’s Program

  • File your intent to graduate in the final semester of your undergraduate degree here
  • At the beginning of your final undergraduate semester, meet with your graduate advisor to have your Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's (BAM) Transition Form signed and approved. Find the form here
  • Your graduate advisor will submit the BAM Transition Form to the Graduate Admissions Office (OGA). The form will then be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. 
  • Once the BAM Transition Form has been processed by OGA and the Registrar, you will receive an official admission letter to the graduate program via the admissions web portal. You will be required to confirm enrollment in the graduate program. If this form is not received by Graduate Admissions, you will not be eligible to be formally admitted to your graduate program. 
  • If you were considered out-of-state for your undergraduate program and would like to qualify for in-state tuition for your graduate program, you must also submit a new domicile form with your BAM Transition Form to Graduate Admissions. 
  • During your first semester as a graduate student, applicable credits will be designated “Advanced Standing.” 

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