‘Build Allied’: 4 steps to increase industrial capacity and resilience

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Combat in Ukraine and the results of Asia-Pacific theater wargames have exposed the existential need for greater capacity in our defense-industrial base. Increasing U.S. production is a critical part of the solution, but it is not the only part. As illustrated by ongoing U.S. and allied efforts to scour the world for 155mm ammunition to support Ukrainian forces, engaging the industrial capacity of American partners and allies is an essential, mutually beneficial and cost-effective way to increase industrial capacity and resilience. That’s why we need to adopt a “Build Allied” approach for current and future contingencies.

In a DefenseNews Commentary, Jerry McGinn, the executive director of the Greg and Camille Center for Government Contracting at George Mason University, and Michael Roche a visiting fellow at the center and a professor at the Defense Acquisition University, detail four actions to achieve a "Build Allied" vision:

  • elevate international industrial cooperation in the defense acquisition system
  • overcome obstacles to technology transfer
  • increase awareness of international industrial cooperation in the government contracting workforce
  • scale Defense Exportability Features to encrease the effectiveness of this cooperation

Read the full Commentary.