Women in Business Initiative Advisory Board Members

Women in Business Initiative advisory board members are professionals supporting businesswomen and female business students. 

Our board members represent numerous industries and the members are carefully vetted before accepted for a two-year term. 

Women in Business Initiative Executive Committee

  • School of Business Community Partner | Stephanie Zimmermann

    Owner, Founder, and Chief Box Engineer, Lend A Box LLC
    Women in Business Initiative Chair

    Stephanie Zimmermann is co-owner and co-founder of Lend A Box LLC. Lend A Box offers one of the most innovative, easy, and smart ways to move in the Washington, D.C., metro area.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Kerry O'Brien

    CEO and President, Owner, Germane Systems, LC
    Secretary, Women in Business Initiative 

    Kerry O'Brien is a mission and vision driven executive that enjoys working with leaders to achieve strategic goals and business objectives.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Elena Angell

    Program Manager – Global CSR, Gartner
    Treasurer, Women in Business Initiative

    Elena Angell is an experienced program and project manager specializing in corporate responsibility and employee engagement with a more than seven year exceptional track record in the field, both on the corporate and the non-profit sides.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Tonia Chagnon

    Founder, Delightful Plans
    Member at Large, Intirim Sponsorships & Fundraising, and Immediate Past Chair, Women in Business Initiative

    Tonia Chagnon is the founder of Delightful Plans. For over 25 years she has provided marketing, planning, and tactical SWAT team support to area nonprofits, marketing and branding companies, and entrepreneurs.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Molly K. Gimmel

    Co-Owner and CEO, Design To Delivery Inc.
    Member at Large, Board Events, Women in Business Initiative

    Molly K. Gimmel is the co-owner and chief executive officer of Design To Delivery Inc, an award-winning government contracting firm.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Megan Lynch

    Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
    Member at Large, Awards, Women in Business Initiative

    Megan Lynch is a senior associate at Booz Allen Hamilton. 
  • School of Business Community Partner | Mary Koles

    Owner/Director, Academic Pathways, SpiderSmart of Rockville, and Spidersmart of Kensington
    Member at Large, Membership, Women in Business Initiative

    Mary Koles is 100% dedicated to her students. She has demonstrated this time and again, first as a high school teacher in Nashville and Philadelphia, then as an academic consultant in Seoul,  South Korea.

Women in Business Initiative Board Members

  • School of Business Community Partner | Deniz Bilgesu

    Program Manager and Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Deniz Bilgesu brings 16+ years of progressive experience managing and improving interagency policies, processes, and mechanisms both within the Federal government and as an expert consultant at the White House, Department of State, Department of Defense, and Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Dominique Callins

    Family Law Section Leader, Simms Showers, LLP

    Dominique Callins is the Family Law Section Leader for Simms Showers, LLP. She received a B.A. from Florida A&M University, and a J.D. from the College of William and Mary, Marshall-Wythe School of Law. She is a member of the Virginia State Bar. Prior to law school, she taught middle school.
  • Owner, Kick Flip Recruiting

    Jocelyn Chase is the owner of Kick Flip Recruiting.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Jennifer C. Cochran
    Fitness Design Solutions, LLC is a functional fitness, movement education experience specializing in getting people moving again following injury or illness, using a combination of Health and Well-Being Coaching, Pilates, Yoga and Massage Therapy.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Sharon Galler

    President and Owner, STAT Association Management, Inc. 

    Sharon Galler is the founder and president of STAT. She formed STAT, a woman-owned business, in 1986 to provide a broad range of sales and services to the association industry.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Rhonda Gaydo

    Partner, Edgespace

    Rhonda Gaydos is a Partner in Edgespace LLC, specializing in accounting and financial compliance solutions for government contractors.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Courtney Harden

    Partner, BrigliaHundley, P.C.

    Courtney Harden is a partner at BrigliaHundley, P.C.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Susan Kerr

    Vice President, Bank of Clarke County

    Susan Kerr is a respected financial servicers professional with over twenty-five years of experience, including thirteen years in banking as a portfolio manager, a private banker, and most recently a small business lender with the Bank of Clarke County.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Laura Niel

    CFO, CPA, American Society of Radiologic Technologists

    Laura Niel leads the finance team at the American Society of Radiologic Technologists partnering with colleagues to make progress on the mission of elevating the medical imaging profession and improving safety for patients.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Donald O'Sullivan

    Director of Sales, Pegasystem

    Donald is an empowering, curious, and dynamic executive sales leader working within the technology and software industry for the past 20 years.

Women in Business Initiative Emeritus Members

  • School of Business Community Partner | Kathy Albarado

    Founder and CEO, Helios HR

    As Founder and CEO of Helios HR, an award-winning human capital and talent acquisition consulting firm, Kathy Albarado is passionate about helping leaders discover what is possible with a talent strategy that seizes opportunities.
  • Founder, Boss Actions

    Talmar Anderson, The Boss Muse, is an expert at teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to stop making the same hiring mistakes over and over again.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Tabetha Baume-Chandler

    CEO, Green Cyber Group, Inc

    As a National Security policy, procedure and secure area design subject matter expert, Tabetha Chandler has over 24 years of commercial and government security compliance experience along with IT industry network and systems operations, security and integration management.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Sabria Biberaj

    Principal , CostTrend Consulting, Inc

    Sabria Biberaj is a principal at CostTrend Consulting, Inc.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Kristina J. Bouweiri

    President and CEO, Reston Limousine

    Kristina Bouweiri is the majority owner of the Washington D.C.'s largest luxury transportation provider, Reston Limousine.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Beth Cabrera

    Senior Scholar, George Mason University, Center for Advancement of Well-Being

    Beth Cabrera is passionate about helping individuals and organizations apply knowledge from the field of positive psychology to achieve greater success and well-being.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Jeanine Callahan

    Organizational Change Management, Principal, MITRE Corp

    Jeanine Callahn is an executive leader who applies organization development methodologies to achieve corporate growth and profitability, positive employee experience, and customer delivery goals. 
  • School of Business Community Partner | Kellye Clarke

    RGS Title

    Kellye Clarke has over 19 years of title/settlement industry and real estate law experience.
  • School of Business Community Partner | Jen Dalton

    CEO & Founder, BrandMirror

    Jen Dalton is the CEO and founder of BrandMirror. 
  • School of Business Community Partner | Shari Jaeger Goodwin

    Owner, Jaeger2, LLC

    Shari Goodwin is a business strategist, leadership coach, author, speaker, and horsewoman with over 25 years of experience, including starting four companies and serving as director of program strategy for a global engineering firm.