On-Demand Video: Emerging Challenges for CMMC


The focus of this webinar was Emerging Technologies, CMMC, and Cyber Resilience. How should the government acquire secure technologies without stifling innovation?

  • Richard Beutel, moderator of the panel, Baroni Center Senior Fellow, and founder of Cyrrus Analytics, has extensive experience on the Hill — as a lead acquisition and procurement policy counsel who wrote and managed FITARA
  • Major Clark, Deputy Chief Counsel, Office of Advocacy, Small Business Administration
  • Steve Kovac, Head of Compliance at ZScaler and a cybersecurity expert
  • Bob Metzger, Partner at RJO, head of their cybersecurity practice and a leading SME on regulatory frameworks for cybersecurity 
  • Grant Schneider, Partner at Venable, and a former federal CISO

Beginning with a quick overview of CMMC, the group explored the need for cybersecurity harmonization, especially in AI, and its impact on federal agencies, small business, FedRamp, and the DoD baseline security (SRG) process.

Background Information

Law360 - DOD's Proposed Cyber Rule - What Contract