Get to know Maya Didier, student ambassador for the MS in Accounting Program


Maya Didier, originally from Burgandy, France, took a gap year to travel and improve her English when Covid hit and her plans were derailed. She pivoted, and became an Au Pair in Warrenton, Virginia, discovering George Mason University. Through the INTO Mason program, Didier gradually integrated into George Mason, joining the MS in Accounting program at the Donald G. Costello College of Business. Didier says she discovered a dynamic and inclusive college that was very different than her European image of an American College. Through INTO Mason, she made friends from around the world. She volunteered at Mason’s Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS) to help other international students.

Maya Didier
Maya Didier

Didier, now a Student Ambassador for the master’s in accounting (MSA) program, represents Costello College of Business graduate programs to the external and internal communities, embodying excellence and sharing her own student experiences to prospective students. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with her to learn more about her journey, and why she chose George Mason’s MS in accounting program. 

Why did you pursue George Mason’s Master’s in Accounting? 

When I integrated into George Mason, I had the chance to become more involved in the accounting department. I became a TA for a tax class and gave tutoring sessions for 203 and 303 students. I also had the chance to become Vice President of Beta Alpha Psi and took students to volunteer with me at the VITA program where we helped low-income taxpayers fill their tax returns. 
I chose to pursue the MS in Accounting because it is achievable in one year. I appreciate that we can take two classes simultaneously. It allowed me to focus on two subjects only. The MS in Accounting is great for students who are currently looking for a job or already have a job. I have been able to attend all the career fairs and do my interviews during the day, not having to worry about missing classes since they are at night. The MS in Accounting also offers certificates. Graduating with one degree and one certificate is a game changer. 

What have been the highlights of your experience? 
My biggest highlight is my data analytics certificate. This courses for the certificate have been the most challenging courses I had to take, but it was all worth it. I will finish the program and I never felt so confident with data software and the IT field in general. Professor Maex has been incredibly supportive, patient, and invested. The guest speakers were very interesting. I thought that we already discovered everything in the data analytics field, but thanks to its up-to-date classes, Professor Maex made me realize there are plenty of things to be discovered and improved for those who are willing to keep learning. 
What goals do you have for the future? 
I will start my career at Deloitte right after the last day of class and hope to learn a lot from there. I am also planning on taking my CPA as soon as possible. I started studying for the FAR exam. I will start at international tax practice which aligns directly with my goals since I would like to be able to work with international companies. 
Do you have any advice for aspiring candidates for your program? 
By pursuing a master's of accounting at George Mason, you have access not only to resources from the master's program, but also from George Mason. Two students can pursue the same degree, with the same classes and professors and have two very different experiences, based on whether they take advantage of the services offered outside of class. 

Go to networking events to connect with professionals, but also to connect with your peers. Maybe next semester you will take a class with someone you met at an event—it is always pleasant to walk in to a new class and see familiar faces. Maybe when you become an audit partner you will need help from a tax partner—lucky you, you have one on LinkedIn that you met at a George Mason event back in graduate school. Use the learning services to review your resume, to help you prepare for an interview, or even to ask what salary you are entitled to ask during your application process. 

Take advantage of the global residency to expand your network internationally, connect with your classmates and professors, and discover a new culture. But, most importantly, go to class with purpose and talk to your professors. The master's program aims to help every student grow knowledge on their favorite topic. It is your journey and the master's faculty are giving you the keys to open any door you choose.