Frank L. McLaughlin, '12

School of Business Community Partner | Frank L. McLaughlin
Titles and Organizations

Managing Attorney, MBH Settlement Group


Born in Philadelphia, but raised in New Jersey, Frank L. McLaughlin earned his undergrad degree at George Mason University in finance, where he was also a captain of the wrestling team and an NCAA division one academic all-American. Now, McLaughlin wrestles with corporate legal matters as a business attorney at Stein Sperling (a prominent, full-service Maryland law firm) where he serves clients in various industries acting as outside corporate counsel and advisor as well as providing legal services such as: (i) drafting and negotiating real estate transactions like leases, sales, and purchases (mostly commercial but also residential); (ii) negotiating, drafting, and structuring corporate formations, reorgs, mergers, and acquisitions; (iii) providing corporate governance and succession planning for closely-held companies; (iv) settling and advising on business disputes; and (v) preparing and advising on estate planning services like trusts, wills, etc. Outside of his legal career, McLaughlin also owns and operates a few businesses involving real estate and financial services. When he is not working, he enjoys being outdoors, running, hiking, fishing, kayaking, wrestling, playing sports, and socializing with new and interesting people. McLaughlin most enjoys spending time with his family which now includes his wife Amanda, baby son Carter, and firstborn dog son Tater.