Webinar On-Demand: Acquisition Next: Opening Programs Up to Modularity and Iteration

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In the first of a two-part series, this Center webinar focuses on three Program-Level Plays in the Acquisition Next Playbook: Adaptive Requirements, Continuous Market Research, and Master the Baseline.

A couple years ago, the GAO reported that the average age of a major defense acquisition program was more than 14 years old. Most of these programs were planned and approved before mobile or cloud technologies were available. How can cost, schedule, and performance adapt to reflect new opportunities offered by the marketplace, or respond to an innovating enemy, in relevant cycle times?

  • How can program officials structure their requirements to be adaptive over time?
  • Is flexibility only in Other Transactions or Middle Tier Acquisition projects, or does it work for traditional programs?
  • Should program offices build their own market research capabilities, or use centralized functions?
  • What does it mean for government to “own” or “master” the technical baseline?
  • What can program officials do today to accelerate capability delivery?

This discussion will focus on three Program-Level Plays in the AcquisitionNext Playbook:

  1. Adaptive Requirements
  2. Continuous Market Research
  3. Master the Baseline

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Acquisition Next: A Playbook to Break the Industrial Age Paradigm, Center for Government Contracting