Acquisition Next: A Playbook to Break the Industrial Age Paradigm


To ensure overmatch against strategic adversaries like Russia and China, the defense acquisition system does not need a new set of reforms but rather a change in mindset. The Center for Government Contracting calls this change in mindset and approach "Acquisition Next." It seeks to replace industrial age paradigm of linearity and prediction with the modern approaches of modularity, speed, iteration, and competition. This playbook suggests a way to implement the Acquisition Next mindset. 

Download the playbook.

Program-Level Plays

Acquisition Next, A Playbook to Break Industrial Age Paradigm
Download the playbook

1. Adaptive Requirements
2. Continuous Market Research
3. Master the Baseline

Software-Intensive Plays

4. Agile Work Statements
5. Modular Contracts
6. Smart Intellectual Property

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