Should you pursue a Master’s in Business Analytics or a Graduate Certificate?

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Data-based decisions drive businesses, and those who know how to analyze data help make their organizations more successful. George Mason University’s School of Business, conveniently located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, offers two programs to help individuals effectively analyze big data through the hands-on use of modeling and other techniques with popular software tools.

The master’s in business analytics is a 30-credit (10-course) program that provides a holistic view of business data—from the collection, organization, reporting and mining of data to the extraction of useful and actionable information for the decision makers. This program can be completed in one year for full-time students or two years for part-time students. The master’s in business analytics is STEM designated and is offered in-person at our Fairfax campus.

The graduate certificate in business analytics is a 12-credit (4-course) certificate program that can be completed in one semester. Courses are offered in-person at the Fairfax campus or fully online. You can earn the certificate as a stand-alone optionor apply your certificate credits towards the MBA or master’s in business analytics program electives.

If you want to become a data analysis expert who drives actionable business decisions, Mason’s graduate programs in business analytics are for you. You’ll learn to make better predictions, establish better strategies, and find business insights. Learn more about the master’s in business analytics program or our graduate certificate in business analytics.