Examination of Financing and its Impact on Small Businesses

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Baroni Center Report No. 8

DoD Contract Financing / Cost and Pricing Study
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The Statement of Objectives (SOO), available in Appendix 1, defines the overall objective of this study: “Identify the obstacles for small businesses to obtain financing in the private sector as well as when doing business with the Department of Defense.” (DoD) This final report addresses this objective, following the structure of the SOO.

Much of America’s innovation, ideation, and creativity comes from the small business world and we should recognize the value DoD and the nation enjoy from this environment. Consequently, it is important that our DoD and federal policies are enabling these engines of innovation to make business decisions to stay creative. Our large businesses inarguably provide the nation’s industrial might and muscle in terms of sheer size and capability, but small businesses have different challenges that are often underappreciated. How they obtain financing to manage and grow their businesses is a major challenge that DoD needs to better understand.

Principal Investigator

John G. (Jerry) McGinn, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Government Contracting


Stephen Brady, Ph.D.

Sangram Patil
Graduate Research Assistant, George Mason University

Brett Josephson , Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Marketing Area, School of Business

Gerald Hanweck, Ph.D.
Professor, Finance Area, School of Business

Long Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Accounting Area, School of Business

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