Executive Development Custom Programs for Organizations

Partnering with you to develop custom programs tailored to your organization's needs.

With specializations in government contracting, acquisition, data analytics, real estate, financial acumen, and more, our Executive Development custom program catalog offers a wide range of program topics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Government Contracting 
  • Business Transformation 
  • Financial Leadership 
  • Digital Retail Transformation 
  • Leadership 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Data Science 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Sustainability 

Previous Clients Include:

  • Oracle 
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • General Dynamics 
  • Navy Federal Credit Union 
  • Moscow State University (EMBA residency) 
  • ICESI University (EMBA residency) 
  • National Industries for the Blind 
  • TW Perry 
  • U.S. Marine Corps 

Previously Delivered Custom Solutions

Real Estate Housing and Financial Management

We take on real estate from a wholistic approach. This specialized program combines the essential component of design and property management with the key fundamentals of financial analysis.  

For the newly appointed property manager or the seasoned professional looking to learn more about investment and real estate fundamentals, the professionals from the Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship (CREE) and the School of Business faculty will help you accomplish your professional goals. 

Acquisition Leadership

Contract Execution. Leadership. Business Acumen. Becoming a qualified and efficient contractor takes dedication in all areas. Organizations looking to support their team members in technical competencies to become successful leaders will take full advantage of Mason’s federal connections and experienced community. 

The Acquisition leadership program offers several levels of instruction for new members, those looking to transition into leadership, and those with years of experience in management. Wholistically, the program considers not just professional skills but a full understanding of the contracting world. 

Data-Informed Decision Making

Today's data-intensive environment creates new challenges to leverage analytics for strategic positioning and organizational success. Understanding and knowing how to utilize data sources is critical for leaders to compete and to manage data as an asset across all functional areas. 

Data-Informed Decision Making is the key to strategic and comprehensive business plan. Many organizations collect data, but effective data utilization saves time, money, and resources and promotes substantial growth endless opportunity. 

Data Visualization

What use is gathering data as an organization without being able to communicate the findings? For data to be appreciated by diverse audiences ranging from customers, clients, co-workers, decision makers, and sometimes also friends and family, all businesses must utilize the art of visualization and the power of data story telling.  

The program will provide relevant background needed towards developing a culture for data-driven storytelling, eventually becoming part of an overall data and management strategy of your organization. 

Data Analytics for Managers

Organizational managers are the keys to a company’s success. When dynamic decision-making is required, leveraging the power of data can advance company goals and transform a business’ efficiency.  

Managers who engage in the program will work with faculty to do a thorough examination of the appropriate frameworks, tools, and processes senior-level stakeholders require for each organization and its specific needs.  

Working Capital Funds Management

Successful financial planning is essential to organizations with continuously changing leadership and budgets. Thinking strategically about stakeholders, limited resources, future constraints, and efficiency requires experiences planning and financial analysis.  

Through the Working Capital Management program, organizational leaders will use processes, frameworks, and tools for generating a unit strategic plan that fits within the agency.  

Leading Transformation in the Print Industry

Designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to transform a company and generate continued success in an industry being disrupted by a radical change in technologies, markets, business, and financial models.

The Leading Transformation in the Print Industry program will give you new perspectives on managing market disruption, developing and cultivating customer value, and implementing new innovative strategies. You'll develop a broader set of skills as well as business perspective that provides a solid context for decision-making.

Our Partnering Philosophy 

Partnering with George Mason University Executive Development is about building a strategic relationship across organizations. Whether you plan to collaborate on one event or sign on for a series of deliverables, the relationship created through Mason will continue long after you leave our classrooms. 

Every program looks different, but our end goal is consistentrelationships created through mutual understanding and the commitment to life-long learning. Not only our team, but also the university, faculty, and staff want to see your organization thrive.  

As a highly ranked research institution, we assemble all resources available across the university and not just within the School of Business. The program development team will include Mason thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and subject matter experts complementing the expertise within executive development.   

Design Process and Team

Our team is dedicated to exceptional customer service for all participants and helps them to achieve their goals as individuals and as organizations. From conception to execution, Executive Development provides personable assistance to any need.  

Custom design for executive programming by George Mason University Executive Development centers around the customer. Our team will work with your key organizational leaders in a collaborative relationship to understand your business, strategy, people, and culture.  Through this engagement, we strive to understand your needs and identify potential opportunities for growth and impact.   



We are pleased to be an educational partner with the Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM). The mission of AFERM is to advance the practice of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the federal government through thought leadership, education, and collaboration. 

The Mason Experience

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Mason has intimate knowledge and history of collaboration with the federal government and the acquisition community.
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Career Impact
Mason understands the unique journey of the modern learner and is equipped to provide the assistance and competencies needed to succeed.
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Mason's mission is to provide access to excellent education to anyone regardless of station.
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Tailored Partnerships
We create customized and targeted opportunities to connect Mason's expertise, intellectual property, and thought leadership with your key stakeholders.