Transforming the In-store Shopping Experience


In the first of a three-part series for the summer semester, on Tuesday, June 7, at 12 noon, the GMU Center for Retail Transformation will host a virtual panel on how retailers can transform shoppers' in-store experience.

The session will feature four leading experts:

And discuss the following:  

  • While 85% of all shopping happens in-store today, customer satisfaction with the shopping experience is low. Why is this? What can retailers do to change this situation? 
  • How is technology transforming the in-store shopping experience in retail stores today and tomorrow?
  • What is the impact of analytics on retailers’ ability to create an elevated experience that will delight shoppers and increases conversion rates and average transaction value?
  • Which categories of technologies should retailers be focused on in this store transformation?

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Transforming the In-Store Experience event flyer.