Center for Retail Transformation Hosts Panel on Empowering Front Line Employees - June 23


On Thursday, June 23 at 12 noon ET, the GMU Center for Retail Transformation will host a panel on how retailers can empower frontline employees to deliver a remarkable customer experience featuring four leading experts. Panelists include:

  • Christiana DiMattesa, Senior Director Marketing, Under Armour 
  • Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro  a technology startup pioneering the market’s first IoT voice-controlled enterprise wearable for brick and mortar retail, hospitality, and manufacturing 
  • Julian Mills, CEO, Quorso an UK based analytics startup pioneering in-store analytics by analyzing data to provide store managers with 3 top-priority, daily actions for every store, 
  • Sue McMohan, Retail/Consumer Goods Industry Advisor, Microsoft  

Sponsored by Microsoft, and part of our transforming retail series, this panel features experts who will engage in a candid 360-degree conversation on the challenges and opportunities facing retailers as they seek to empower their store associates, store managers, and district managers to deliver a unique customer experience. There will be a focus on technology and analytics in unlocking the potential retail employees in delivering a superior customer experience.  The panelists will discuss: 

  • What are the challenges and solutions to acquiring and retaining the right retail talent?  
  • How can retailers build an organizational culture that empower employees to deliver a superior shopper experience?  
  • How can technology and analytics unlock the power of the employees in delivering a superior experience today and tomorrow?  
  • How can retailers balance the privacy tradeoff when it comes to deploying technology and analytics.    
  • What technologies should retailers invest in to empower frontline employees