Get Involved and Give Back

Getting Involved and Giving Back 

One of the greatest things you can provide to the Costello College of Business is your time and knowledge.

Share Your Expertise

Speak in a classroom, sponsor a student internship, mentor a student, provide career advice.... The possibilities are endless. Your business experience and knowledge make a business students. Mason Mentors and Mason MINDS (Mentoring Initiative for Need-based and Diverse Students)a group specially designed to support Accounting students of diverse backgroundsboth offer students the chance to build relationships with professionals who can offer insight into career related topics.   

Become Active in the Business Alumni Chapter 

Your Business Alumni Chapter provides a wide range of programs and services that benefit students and alumni. 

Leaders in the Classroom

Leaders in the Classroom is our program to get industry experts into our classrooms and in front of students. By engaging community members in our classrooms, we enrich the academic experience, share valuable perspectives, and offer a way for our constituents to give back to Mason. If you are interested, complete this form.

Refer Exceptional Students 

Refer the best and brightest students to our graduate and undergraduate programs to build both the quantity and quality of our student body. 

Recruit Our Graduates 

Hire College of Business graduates at your company by encouraging recruiting with Mason’s Career Services, participating in the school’s career fairs and networking events, and thinking of the College of Business first when new job and internship opportunities arise in your organization. Internships have become increasingly important as gateways to employment post-graduation. They are also crucial opportunities for students to learn about themselves, identify passions, and enhance career skills. View our information for employers to learn more.

Help a Fellow Patriot 

The Gowns for Grads Lending Program supports students who are unable to purchase their own regalia. Our current inventory does not match the needs of our students, and so so we are asking new alumni to donate regalia to give students the chance to walk across the stage and celebrate. 

Your Gift, Your Choice 

There are several ways in which you can make your commitment and ongoing support known. Gifts of any amount go a long way in supporting the Costello College of Business. Alumni can donate online, send a check, create a planned gift, build a partnership with corporate giving, set Mason with a matching gift and donate gifts of stock or real estate. Legacy gifts represent sustainability for key academic and research programs as well as scholarship funds to help attract and retain students. These gifts provide benefits to future generations of Mason students—and to you and your heirs. Make a gift online.
If you are interested in learning more, please contact Christina Spring at or (703) 993-5297.